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We are seeking a highly experienced software and site reliability engineer to join our team on a contract to hire basis.

Help build the next generation of education software and help us deliver engaging, adaptive, and personalized learning experiences to optimally support every learner. We are hiring a Site Reliability Engineer who will work with system and software engineers to build reliable, high capacity and high-performance systems in support of our mission to reimagine learning for millions of students and learners worldwide. This position will be located at our Seattle, WA facility.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you will help design, analyze and resolve issues with infrastructure in collaboration with product development teams; you will design, deploy and manage automation tools that increase predictability as well as decrease time to market while reducing cost.

Essential Accountabilities:

• Hands-on design, analysis and troubleshooting of highly-distributed large-scale production systems;

• Ownership of reliability, uptime, capacity- and performance-analysis thereof

• Ensuring the repeatability, traceability, and transparency of our infrastructure automation including alignment with our standards and best practices for operational excellence

• Identifying highest-impact opportunities to optimize existing systems

• System design consulting for teams seeking to leverage or improve their production infrastructure

• Anticipate, build and plan capacity for upcoming product/feature launches

• Responsible for fully operationalizing software/systems projects including security requirements

Required Skills:

• Expertise with cloud- continuous-deployment- based software development lifecycles (e.g. CI/CD)

• Mastery of infrastructure automation technologies (like Terraform, CodeDeploy, Puppet, Ansible, Chef)

• Expertise in container/container-fleet-orchestration technologies (like Docker, Vagrant, Mesosphere, etcd, zookeeper)

• Cloud and container native Linux administration/build/management skills (e.g. AWS AMIs, Packer, etc.)

• Cloud database operations and deployment experience (e.g. RDS MySQL/Postgres/Aurora), Caching operations & deployment experience (e.g. memcache, Redis)

• Expertise with Lean/Agile deployment processes (Blue/Green, ZDT, canary, load balancers/DNS strategies)

• Familiarity with site and infrastructure monitoring systems (like AWS Cloudwatch, Datadog, New Relic, Sumologic)

• Strong problem solving, root cause analysis and systems engineering skills

• Excellent presentation and communication skills

• Experience with programming in languages like Javascript, Python, PHP, Go, or Ruby;

• Strong skills in reading, understanding and writing code in the same

• Ability to design and manage escalation response plans from monitoring, react, respond, remediate and retrospect in culturally aligned (proactive, customer focused, collaborative, data-driven) ways

• Demonstrated expertise building and managing highly scaled production infrastructure in the cloud (AWS required; GCP, Azure, OpenStack a plus)

• Expertise with SDLC branching, SCM, and code deployment systems (e.g. git/gitflow, Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI, etc.)

• BS Degree in Computer Science (or related technical field and/or equivalent industry experience)

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