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I worked at the firm for many years and I can honestly say that I miss the place The people you work with are great If you get to know the managers they re great too They re working hard to try to make it a better working environment for everyone but the fact is that you need to sit at your computer and work for 8 9 hours a day as with most office jobs Many of the people complaining here don t want to do that as they are coming from retail or restaurant jobs where they can socialize all day If you re good at it you will likely be promoted and you can gain valuable work experience There are some very good lawyers at the firm and you can learn a lot from them but the job is truly what you make of it If you go in with a bad attitude and act like you don t want to be there then you are not going to succeed here The partners want their attorneys and staff to care and to be invested in the work that they are doing and honestly that s a good thing It keeps the business open and the clients wanting to send their business to the firm If you show that you re invested then you will be rewarded with promotions and pay increases The work life balance is much better now that most of the 2008 economic mess has been cleared up You are not going to work 50 70 hour weeks at this place and this is a huge benefit to anyone with a family
The pay is simply lower than the market rate The benefits are not as good as what the federal government and many other private employers in the area provide because of the federal government There is a lot of office drama and it can be difficult to avoid If you can successfully navigate the office politics it s a great jumping off point It is almost universally viewed as a jumping off point and not a career however Most of that is because it can be very difficult to determine what track you may be on as an attorney inside the firm The track to partnership is less than clear and there is no middle ground between associate and partner This is why many attorneys dozens in the time that I was there have moved on to different jobs Even the attorneys and staff that loved the place and wanted to be there ended up going elsewhere at the end of the day because no one knows how they are viewed by management Most of the interactions are negative simply because management doesn t have time for positive interactions It s also very unclear what might happen if an attorney sticks around for 20 years Most law firms give you at least some idea of what you might be able to achieve and how much money you might make some day if you re offered partnership The lack of a 401K contribution from the employer is a major problem for the attorneys None of us are going to have pensions and saving for retirement is especially important for young attorneys A clear path to partnership is a must Added benefits for employees that have been there for several years is also a must Constructive criticism should be allowed in an open fashion Many people like to work here but don t feel as though their legitimate criticisms or concerns are addressed Eventually that leads to a frustration that causes them to seek other employment and it s not even because they don t like the firm or the job Keep moving forward and this place will eventually be a preferred employer in Laurel
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  • Terrence McCabe, Esq., Marc Weisberg, Esq. (Emeritus) and Edward Conway, Esq. ( Founding Shareholders )
  • Vacancy Location: Center City, ,
  • Vacancy job: Human Resources Manager
  • Rate: negotiable
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