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Tutor Time Learning Center / Childcare in Champlin is Now Hiring a Preschool Teacher!


Our Lead Teachers:

  • Create fun and interactive learning experiences while working with other Teachers.
  • Are caring, compassionate and love what they do!
  • Ensure the daily care of every child by following all licensing guidelines and implementing all company standards.
  • Communicate directly with parents and prospective parents to achieve success for the child.
  • Have countless advancement opportunities
  • Are rewarded with hugs from children and praise from parents every day!

We are most interested in talking to applicants that have:

  • Experience leading a classroom and creating educational lesson plans
  • Coursework or a degree in early childhood education or child development or a CDA
  • Flexibility as to the hours and schedule of work
  • Must be at least 18 years of age

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Tutor Time company review

Varsity Tutors is responsive to and respectful of their tutors They can tailor the number of students and amount of tutoring sessions to your needs and preferences They are attentive to feedback from their employees as well as their clients and this makes for a work experience that is pleasant and tutoring sessions that are increasingly productive as time goes on This is especially noteworthy to me because I can contrast my experiences working for Varsity Tutors a company with over 10 000 employees where I have never met any of my directors of education or coworkers in person to my experience working as a math and science teacher at a small high school with 200 students and around 25 employees where suggestions and concerns raised by faculty and staff are routinely ignored or met with open hostility by the administration In closing I will also say that not long after accruing about 25 tutoring students and a 50 hour work week with VT I suffered a major medical issue that required a 7 month hiatus from tutoring and the transfer of all my students to other tutors And despite the massive logistical issues that had to worked out and the loss of a lot of revenue for the company everyone at Varsity Tutors was entirely supportive of me and patients as I recovered and could start working again I can t think of many employers that would in such a way so I can t praise them enough for it
I m not sure if there is a system in place for pay raises based on customer satisfaction or length of time with the company but I think that there should be something like that for tutors who try to make a go of making tutoring a full time job with Varsity Tutors
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85% recommended Tutor Time company to a friend
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4.1 based on 559 reviews
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About Tutor Time Company

  • Chuck Cohn - Founder and CEO Chuck Cohn ( Founder and CEO )
  • Vacancy Location: Champlin , MN
  • Vacancy job: Preschool Teacher 750 Sign On Bonus
  • Rate: negotiable
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